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RK Honeybee Studio

Offering all natural hand crafted honeybee products.
by Richard Evans

-   ABOUT US   -

R&K is an apiary operating about three hundred bee hives. We provide queens, bee packages, pollen, and beeswax; as well as honey and candles which we sell at local farmers markets, retailers and trade fairs. Our honey consists of local varieties such as Orange, Wildflower, Clover,

Blackberry and Star Thistle. Our pure varietals are obtained by pulling the frames at the end of select flower bloom.

Beekeeper Richard Evans learned the craft from his grandfather and currently attends classes in the Master Beekeepinging Program at the University of California in Davis. He says: I've been around bees ever since I was a little kid. My grandparents had bees. They came from Crane, Missouri to Redding, California in 1936. I started in the bees as a senior in high school in 1984. My first two bee hives were a 4H project. It grew to twenty hives and then ten years ago we decided to grow to a commercial operation but always remembering our local roots. Over the last five years we've grown to three hundred hives with two extracting lines and added honeycomb and candle making to our product line.

We have a mission to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards by giving them knowledge, the passion, and the tools needed to help the honey bee flourish so it can do the job nature intended. We promote a holistic and natural approach to farming, gardening, and beekeeping. We consider beekeeping, honey production, and pollination to be renewable and sustainable resources of agribusiness. We also consider the honey bee to be a keystone with an interdependent relationship in our food supply chain. 

We strive to offer the best quality products our apiary can produce; while protecting and preserving agriculture and its way of life for future generations to the best of our ability.    -

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